The Mekong River Is Flowing

(upon the Mekong River, obsessed by the war news)


Me me kong kong

Me me me me me me     kong     kong

Me me me he e he me he    kong    kong    kong

Me kong     me kong     me kong


The flooding water rolls attempting to immerse  the rocked coasts

which are standing

to look at

the swirling current carrying our lives along


Me me kong kong

Me me me me me me    kong    kong

Me kong      me kong        me kong


Mountains add themselves to mountains, we add oursleves to the river of brown color

which is absorbed in its current, ignoring day or night,

which is brimfull with blue sky.

Our eyes


our innermost feelings rising up to spreading clounds

Sitting in front of the waves, we mourn over pains of war

How quiet we are while troubles arise in other places on world!

The river is flowing quietly, its banks are so green, but the current



and clenches

Pains rise along with waves, life isn’t peaceful at all


Me me kong kong

Me me me me me me me me kong     kong     kong


Don’t modulate oh guitar! My heart is


The music detaches itself from the waves

Ignoring thunder and lightning ignoring rain pouring to make the sky collapse, the Mekong River is still quiet!

The evening falls, dying trees in red

The misfortune shakes the reeds

Swept by the wind grass leaves lie flat on the ground


Who calls me

Who calls me…


Me me kong kong

Me me me me he  me he   kong   kong   kong

Me    kong    me    kong    me   kong   ….


                                                                                                                                          March 2003

 (trans by Hoang Hung)