Prvdens Vivo Prvdens Morior
[performance art & installation]

performed and exhibited

+ personal studio, Hochiminh City, Vietnam – May 2016

+ personal studio, Chicago, USA – Nov to Dec 2014

PRVDENS VIVO PRVDENS MORIOR [mindful living mindful dying]

Section 1 : personal studio, Hochiminh City, Vietnam – May 2016

Started Monday Nov 24, 2014, ended Monday Dec 15, 2014.

Ly Hoang Ly’s three weeks durational performance including two weeks of fasting and one week of recovering. Fasting is the main subject matter for Ly’s time-based work to address her artistic social political concept.

A total of 38 witnesses became Ly Hoang Ly’s special guests for her durational performance. During the fasting Ly Hoang Ly prepared and cooked for all the guests as part of the durational performance.Everyday during the fasting, witnesses have come to participate in the project within a series of photos. The last few days have been the most difficult and enduring moments for Ly.

Conceptual Art Director Ly Hoang Ly
Director of Photography Giau Minh Truong