Performance photo

Blurred photocopied portraits are pasted pel-mell on the wall
Recording the diversified looks of a same physiognomy:
Laughing-weeping-angered-happy-loving-lost-suffering-blissful et cetera…
Life is neatly wrapped up within four walls
Onto them the sun splashes the night shines the rain lashes and the win cuts into
The portraits that, day after day, turn more and more blurred

The woman ties herself
The woman asks everybody: ” Brothers and sisters, please just tie me up”

In the tied-up posture
The woman smiles, satisfied of being tied up
Then chokes with laughter while shedding tears
She suddenly has her face contorted and cries
She jerks furiously
Howls with heavy-heartedness
Then desperately shrieks
She collapses
and dies out

The blurred portraits on the wall
Suddenly turn all white

In her tied-up posture
The woman doesn’t find her own body
Seeing only phantasmic green moss all over the foot of the wall
Feeling only the night streaming with tears.

Ly Hoàng Ly

Tokyo 2001

(Translated by Vu Anh Tuan.)