Nocturnal Singing

Dedicated to P.C


So I kept on proceeding on my way.

Leaning against my friend’s shoulder

I muttered a song

And listened to my friend singing

The singing seemed to be far away

Stars are also very far off

How can we reach them.

Hanging across the crescent moon

The singing flied away and vanished

Hanging across the firmament

The stars suddenly died out

No means to come up with them


I will stop singing. You will also stop singing

We both silently look forward to the singing that has flown away

Treading in the steps of stars

Into the dark blue firmament

But they simply vanish

Leaving behind the lonely quietness reigning in our souls

Leaving behind both you and I

You and I we are leaning against each other’s shoulders

Looking at each other with searching looks. Seeking for the singing

The crescent moon lies flat on its face

Suppose it weren’t late in the night.

Suppose you weren’t well on in the night

                                                                          TanSonNhat Airport  1994-1996

(trans. by Vu Anh Tuan)