Hugging trees – Hugging your loved ones – Hugging yourself (France)

Ôm cây – Ôm người ta yêu thương – Ôm chính mình Plum Village French – Làng Mai Pháp


+ 3 days solo durational performance in collaboration with 300 Sangha of Plum Village . Plum Village – Buddish Meditation Center founded by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh . French – Mar 2015



Dear friends, The 6,700 century-old trees have been planned to be cut down on 190 streets in ten urban districts in Hanoi, Vietnam. According to Tuoi Tre’s news, 500 trees were chopped down. This urged me to come up with this following performance – installation which I started at 9:00 am today and I would like to invite you to do with me no matter where you are at right now. Your participation, contribution and support are highly appreciated.

HUGGING THE TREES – HUGGING YOUR LOVED ONES – HUGGING YOURSELF . A Performance installation work. (Our museums are the streets or area where we live. The time scale of our exhibition is our living in the present moment. Our actions are performances, and the shape created by the hug of men and tree is an installation.) Instruction for the performance:

1. Stand in front of a tree. Stand tall and relax completely – Inhale deeply – Exhale – Inhale deeply – Exhale – Inhale deeply – Exhale Touch the present moment. Touch your heart, lungs, blood vessels and brain.

2. Walk slowly, concentrate on your breath, naturally. Each step coincides with one breath in and one breath out. Be aware that your feet are touching the ground just like a tree does. Walk towards the tree.

3. Hug the tree in your own way. You can also stand close to the tree and touch it.

4. Concentrate and listen to the sounds and the breath of the tree. You may close or open your eyes. Feel its complete presence. Don’t forget to inhale deeply and slowly breathe out while you listen to the tree. Imagine you are hugging your loved ones: grandparents, parents, lover, spouse, children, grandchildren and your friend. Feel and listen to the cells of your body, which are beating with the cells of the tree.

5. Depending on your time, patience or your own perception, you should spend at least two minutes with each tree. You can hug many trees. You can also choose to stand with only one tree, for two minutes or many hours. It is your choice.

6. End the process.

If only ten people in the world did this in one second, their energies would meet in silence. I hope if you read my message, you will spend a few minutes with your trees, even though you may not know me. The tree, dying or living, would be given your loving energy, comfort and blessing. Even if the tree dies, it is gone in peace and comfort. We love trees as they give us beautiful flowers and canopy of green. But do we really love trees like our loved ones? Stop by a tree for one minute, keep silent and give it your present. It is as simple as that. What is not simple is that your mind must be calm and serene here and now when you do this process of performance and installation. Concentrate and conserve your energy. It is not easy but possible. Do not hug the trees in rush or without feeling. The tree needs your deep hugs. And please, share us the images of the trees you hugged deeply, if possible. Thank you very much.