Bridge Song [public art proposal]


+ PEOPLE VS. SPACE . Richard Gray Gallery . John Hancock Building, Chicago, USA – Jul 2012 [+link]

+ One of venues of the proposal : North Wabash Bridge, Chicago

Bridge Song is a proposal to install thousands of small brass bells under the North Wabash Bridge.

Bridges are crossed by vehicles and people everyday. The wind also blows through the bridge. When we cross a bridge, we may not notice its sound. The bridge shakes, the bridge trembles. The bells that I propose to install would measure the load that the bridge has to carry everyday by making the vibration of the bridge visible. The bridge is huge, one brass bell is tiny, and the traffic of daily life is so loud. One bell would never ring loud enough to be heard, but together, thousands of tiny bells whispering here and there can sound the voice of the bridge.

In the gallery, I invite people to touch my small model of the North Wabash Bridge, interwoven with hundreds of tiny brass bells, in order to create the vibration of the bridge, on a smaller scale, to simulate the interaction between humans and the bridge, which activates the humble bridge song.