Artist brings work closer to public



Ly Hoang Ly is probably the first professional artist to exhibit her installation at a school in HCM City.

The installation, made of stainless steel frame in molecule shapes, titled Mật Mật Mật Hay Những Phân Mảnh Của Niềm Tin (Honey Honey Honey Or The Fragments Of Trust) was bought by EMASI International Bilingual Schools to place in EMASI Nam Long School campus.

“Not many Vietnamese people know about public art,” said Ly. “I’m very happy my work is installed at this place and students will benefit.

“It is great for me because people can understand, share and enjoy my work. The inspiration to create public art came to me from Chicago where I studied. There, art is not only for people who are able to collect but also for the community,” she said.

Honey has three meanings in Vietnamese – honey or sweet, bile and secret, according to the artist.

She wants to create art with “honey” and uses shaped-fragments and their concept to research and explore on how the structure of the contemporary society works…